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Outside Pedestrian Artist Bio (unabridged)

Combining an eclectic mix of influences from jazz to modern metal, chamber music to rock, Outside Pedestrian takes on the spirit of fusion while creating their own genre defying voice in the twenty-first century.  With each musician being accomplished in a wide range of styles, Outside Pedestrian’s voice emerges as a fresh new sound in contemporary instrumental music.

Guitarist, Anthony Fesmire, and bassist, David Lockeretz began their musical relationship in the early 1990s as students at Berklee College of Music.  Through playing on each other’s respective projects, in college ensembles, and recording sessions the two developed a musical kinship that led to the formation of Outside Pedestrian as the two reunited in Los Angeles in 1999.   At the time, Fesmire was producing an album with inmates at California Rehabilitation Center.  Having the opportunity to record at the institution, Fesmire and Lockeretz were inspired by the intensive security at the prison that required passage through two heavily armed gates, the inside pedestrian and outside pedestrian gates, and the ensemble had found its name. The name Outside Pedestrian aptly describes a musical style that is eclectic and outside the norm.

Over the next two years, Outside Pedestrian performed throughout the L.A. area, promoting their CD “Sunless City” which featured drummer David Kontesz, alto saxophonist Matt Zebley of the Brian Setzer Orchestra and veteran Hammond organist Joe Bagg.  Fesmire moved with his family to complete his doctorate at the University of Northern Colorado and then to Ohio, where he served on the faculty at Ohio Wesleyan University, before returning to Southern California.  Lockeretz continued to perform with a wide variety of musicians and recorded several albums.  Despite their individual accomplishments, when the two reunited again in 2012, they knew that it was time to get the band back together.

Joining the new Outside Pedestrian was David Oromaner, a veteran drummer, composer and producer from New York who had achieved success with a diverse array of acts including art-rock band Changing Modes, jazzy singer-songwriter PJ Loughran and indie-punk songstress Marianne Pillsbury.  The newly reformed trio charged ahead stronger, mixing their original jazz/rock sound with reggae, funk, surf, and other influences.

In a world where many music fans feel as if there’s nothing new to hear, Outside Pedestrian keeps audiences guessing.  In a time when there’s growing concern about the vitality of music education, Outside Pedestrian inspires students with clinics and master classes that encourage them to find their own voices and creative muses.  If music is important to you, whether you are a player, educator or just a fan, you will be glad that you found Outside Pedestrian.

For more information on Dr. Anthony Fesmire, click here.  For more information on David Oromaner, click here.  For more information on David Lockeretz, click here.

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